We believe it is important to keep up with the latest developments and equipment in dentistry. This helps us provide dental procedures faster and with less pain. For example, we stopped using the old-fashioned x-ray film. The new digital radiography machine allows us to take radiographs with up to 90 percent less radiation for patients.

Digital X-Rays - McMurray General Dentist

Digital x-rays
This system can take a picture of your teeth that can be seen immediately on a computer monitor. No more waiting for x-ray film to develop. With the digital x-ray system, an onscreen picture will look like an x-ray image, but 400 to 1,000 percent larger. Dr. Feuer can zoom in on a single tooth so he can explain your treatment procedure. The best part is that your exposure to radiation from digital x-rays is cut up to 90 percent when compared to conventional x-ray film.

Digital images
With digital images, we can interact with the image to enhance diagnostic capability. Patients can better visualize the treatment they have received or their current dental problem with computerized images on screen. This allows patients to understand better what they need to do to ensure the success of their treatment.

Computer charts
All patient dental charts are computerized, allowing for immediate access to every patient’s record with a thorough history, x-rays, and other important information. With computer charts, we have an accurate record of your dental history that allows us to better plan your future dental treatment. An initial chart is created for patients at their first examination visit. This patient record documents findings of a thorough head and neck examination, hard- and soft-tissue examination, and the charting of existing dental restorations and areas of new concern. As dental procedures are performed, the chart is automatically updated. We can electronically transfer the needed information to a specialist, hospital or another dentist. We combine automated periodontal charting and integrate it with extraoral and intraoral images, digital radiographs and the digital chart so that we have all the information available and ready to use. We can even print out a copy for you.